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Sick of Generic AI Content? How to Pump Personality Into Your Chatbots

Social media and AI expert Molly Mahoney joins the show to share how you can leverage AI to stand out, connect deeper with your audience, and maximize your marketing message.

In this episode:

🤖 The “Quesadilla of Awesome” method to uncover your superstar traits and stand out in the AI content crowd…

🤖 Molly’s step-by-step blueprint for training AI to replicate your brand voice…without paying $25,000 like you had to in the past…

🤖 The surprising human element required to succeed with AI-powered marketing…

Molly's AI Marketing Stack

Host: Luke Mills
Guest: Molly Mahoney

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Show Notes

Who is Molly?

Molly Mahoney is a vibrant social media maven and AI marketing virtuoso, widely acclaimed for her innovative approach to digital storytelling. With a rich background in musical theater, Molly infuses her marketing strategies with a dose of theatrical flair that captivates audiences and drives engagement. Her adept fusion of AI technology with authentic human connection has solidified her status as a pioneer in the landscape of modern marketing.

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