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Navigating the Data Gold Rush: Simple Strategies for Massive Results

Alma Barranco-Mendoza, a Ph.D. in AI and data analytics expert, joins the show to share her insights on how businesses can leverage data to uncover hidden insights and make better decisions.

In this episode:

🤖Human problems vs computer problems…why knowing the difference is crucial to leveraging AI…

🤖 The unlikely connection between diapers and beer that reveals the power of AI…

🤖 Why data is the new gold…and start striking it rich with simple data gathering…

Alma's AI Marketing Stack

Host: Luke Mills
Guest: Alma Barranco-Mendoza

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Show Notes

Who is Alma?

Alma, a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, is not only a prominent expert in AI and data analytics but also the visionary behind a health company leveraging AI to revolutionize healthcare. With a rich background in academia and real-world applications, her work spans developing cutting-edge algorithms to improve web capabilities and utilizing hardware advancements for faster data processing.

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