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What Happens When the Machines Make All the Decisions?

Jordan Mederich, founder of Drop Funnels, joins the show to explore AI’s evolving role in digital marketing. He shares his insights on AI-driven decision-making and where the enigmatic relationship between man and machine is heading.

In this episode:

🤖 The answer to the question keeping every marketer up at night…”what is left for you to do when the machines are not only generating outputs but also making all the decisions?”…

🤖 Why the key to thriving as a freelancer in the AI economy is to master just 3 AI tools … and ignore all the rest…

🤖 The unknown Czechoslovakian A.I. company that went from 0-300k/month in reoccurring revenue – in just a matter of months…

Host: Luke Mills
Guest: Jordan Mederich

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Show Notes

Who is Jordan?

Jordan Mederich is a prominent figure in the world of digital marketing, widely recognized for founding Drop Funnels, an innovative platform that allows you to build blazing fast sales funnels. His expertise in leveraging AI technology for marketing has positioned him as a thought leader in the industry. 

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