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Building Your Relationship Bank Net Worth

CPA turned serial entrepreneur Don Hayley joins the show to discuss why relationships are the foundation of success. He shares his journey going from accountant to working with motivational speakers like Tony Robbins.

In this episode:

🤖 Uncover the closely-guarded strategy of becoming part of high-level networks by NOT targeting the key players…

🤖 Why treating even the biggest names in your space as equals instead of superiors will give you bulletproof confidence… and open doors to incredible business opportunities…

🤖 The ultimate guide to building a vast relationship bank… learn how consistently adding more value than you receive builds the inner circle you’ve always dreamed of…

Host: Luke Mills
Guest: Don Hayley

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Show Notes

Who is Don?

Don Hayley is known for his skills in networking, running a top mastermind group, and now launching an advanced A.I. powered investing system. He started in accounting, then moved to marketing and speaker management. Don is great at making strong connections, treating everyone equally, and giving more than he asks for. 

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