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How Katya Hayley Wrote a #1 Ranked Landing Page in 1 Hour Using AI

Entrepreneur and NLP master trainer Katya Hayley joints the show. Katya is help empower women by teaching them to leverage artificial intelligence to start businesses, improve productivity, and unlock human potential. 

In this episode:

🤖 How she went from immigrant who spoke no English to successful entrepreneur and AI marketing master – writing a #1 Google ranked landing page in just one hour…

🤖 The surprising reason this AI expert created a “Know Thyself” Custom GPT – and how it helps you discover your deepest values and goals…

🤖 Forget a Terminator scenario – Why Katya believes AI will actually make exceptional marketers even MORE powerful and elevate their skills to newfound heights…

Katya's AI Marketing Stack

Host: Luke Mills
Guest: Katya Hayley 

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Show Notes

Who is Katya?

Katya Hayley is an NLP-certified entrepreneur and AI expert who focuses on empowering women through personal development and technology. After immigrating to the US from Russia at 18 and building a career in marketing, Katya now runs her own agency and hosts retreats for women. She is passionate about leveraging AI as a creative tool to help people unlock their potential and start businesses, believing it can break down barriers faster than ever before.

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