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From Cold Emails to Million-Dollar SaaS: Alex Berman's Success Blueprint

Renowned cold email expert and successful SaaS entrepreneur Alex Berman joins the show. Alex shares his journey from cold emailing his way into the tech scene to building and selling multiple 7-figure SaaS businesses. 

In this episode:

🤖  The crucial Do’s and Don’ts of starting and scaling a SaaS Business (no tech or coding background required)…

🤖 The ONE thing every SaaS start-up should focus on to become profitable, fast…

🤖  How Alex made a key hire for his team 100% using AI…

🤖  The most important skill you need to learn to survive in the new AI economy…

🤖 Alex’s two massive predictions about the future of AI…and why it’s nothing like the NFT bubble…

Alex's AI Marketing Stack

Host: Luke Mills
Guest: Alex Berman

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Show Notes

Who is Alex?

Alex Berman is a magisterial entrepreneur and expert in digital marketing, renowned for his mastery in cold emailing techniques. He has a proven track record in building and scaling SaaS companies, with a notable seven-figure exit. Now, Alex’s insights into leveraging AI for marketing have positioned him as a thought leader in the field.

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