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Writing A 48,000 Word Book In One Hour & Other AI Adventures with Steve Raju

Marketer Steve Raju reveals how he’s landing big clients with AI. Plus, the other cutting-edge ways he’s using the technology like writing a 48,000 word book in just 60 minutes. Plus, Steve shares his favorite AI applications for LinkedIn, art generation, and studying machine learning to stay ahead.

In this episode:

🤖 Steve’s 3 Tool AI Stack for Landing “Whale” clients on LinkedIn…

🤖How to Cure the Monday Morning Nightmare: Discover how AI can uncover the nagging issues that haunt industry leaders…giving you a leg up on competitors to secure new deals…

🤖 The AI Brain Connection: Steve reveals the surprising parallels between the development of AI and our own brain’s neural network—insights that could revolutionize your understanding of marketing…

And so much more. 


Steve's AI Marketing Stack

Host: Luke Mills
Guest: Steve Raju

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Show Notes

Who is Steve?

Steve Raju is a marketing consultant and copywriter focused on using AI to solve pressing problems. Steve works with leading companies in fintech, biotech, and deep space exploration. His background is in direct response marketing, and he now leverages those skills along with AI tools to craft highly targeted outreach for “whale” clients. Steve is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with artificial intelligence. Just recently, he wrote a 48,000 word book in 60 minutes using AI text generation.

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