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AI Copywriting: Finding Your Unique Voice and Workflow with Brian Czekanski

In this episode, Luke is joined by Brian Czekanski, affiliate manager and copywriter at Natural Health Sherpa. Here’s what you’ll discover:

The insider language that connects you with your audience – Why Brian reads his audience’s favorite magazines to capture the words that resonate most.

Frustrated with generic AI outputs that miss the mark? Learn how to tweak prompts so AI gives you exactly what you need.

How to start leveraging AI in your writing in just 15 minutes a day.

Why small teaks to your prompts can make a massive difference in your outputs.

Brians unique AI workflow he uses to save time, be more efficient, and write higher converting copy.

And so much more.

Brian's AI Marketing Stack


Host: Luke Mills
Guest: Brian Czekanski


Who is Brian?

Brian Czekanski is the affiliate manager and a copywriter at Natural Health Sherpa.

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