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Nuno Tavares - AI Automations Expert

Luke and Nuno discussed the recent advancements and competition in AI, including ChatGPT, Google’s Bard, and Anthropic’s Claude. Here’s what you’ll discover:

• The silent war in tech no one is talking about…these four domains have Google, Meta, and other titans battling for the future…

• Why “human made” may become a certification like “Made in America” for consumers who want AI-free products and services…

• Claude 2, Bard, or ChatGPT? – Find out the best use cases for each of these powerful chatbots…

• How to launch your software product without spending loads of money using this no-code AI tool…

•  How Nuno used AI to secure his dream home on a beautiful Portuguese island…

Nuno's AI Marketing Stack




Claude 2

Host: Luke Mills
Guest: Nuno Tavares

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Who is Nuno?

Nuno Tavares is the co-founder of Rapid Active Marketing – a full service marketing agency that helps coaches, course creators, & local business bring their business online, generate leads, and create systems to automate business essentials. Nuno is an astute leader with 20+ year career facilitating as a top performing strategist across multiple business lines. Expertise in transforming broken, unsuccessful departments into powerful successful teams that deliver outstanding results.

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